BMW needs you to submit trending mobility and energy services from around the world that form trends shaping the future of mobility in 2030. Do not focus too much on overarching developments, but rather identify specific offerings that are popping up in your home country.

  • Which trends have the potential to revolutionize the mobility and energy services industry?
  • Which services are changing the mobility ecosystem?
  • Which startups are satisfying upcoming customer needs?
  • Which developments are in the early stage and have the potential to establish within the next 10 years?

This contest tackles the very early phase of innovation, where the goal is to identify trends that can become the basis for new BMW services. We are interested in understanding trends worldwide, so you may consider thinking about your local market. Popular services in your market may still be new or unknown to us. For us, it is really interesting how they are implemented.

Please, read the background information to learn more about what we consider mobility and energy services and what topics are out of scope for this contest.

We are excited to see the trends that will shape 2030 and we are curious what is happening in your local environment!

What also matters for this special contest: We ask you to also rate other’s submissions in order to get a feeling of what the HYVE Crowd thinks about the various trending topics. Therefore, we even have a special prize for you. Learn more about our evaluation raffle.

Evaluation criteria

In this contest, you can evaluate other participants' contributions with the following criteria. The more stars you give, the better you judge this idea to perform on the metric.

  • WOW-Effect (Yes/No): Does this service blow you away and excites you?
  • Innovativeness: Is this service new and innovative?
  • Market potential: Does the service offer the possibility to capture a significant market?
  • Relevance 2030: How relevant and mature will the service be by 2030?
  • Speed of mass adoption: How fast will the service gain acceptance?

The BMW coaches will further evaluate the services based on the following criteria:

  • Service (Yes/No): Does the submission describe a mobility or energy service?
  • Novelty: Is this a new service and trend?
  • Relevant sources: Do the sources suggest that this is an actual trend?
  • Market potential: Does the service offer the possibility to capture a significant market?


  • Start of the contest: 10.08.2021
  • End of the contest: 08.09.2021, 23:59:00 CEST
  • Winner announcement: 08.10.2021